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At Belmont we offer comprehensive, tailor made management packages for both Sectional Title Body Corporate clients and Home Owners Associations.

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why us

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Why Us

our systems

We use intelligent online building management systems, offering a complete cloud based overview of the building – accessible to Trustees and Owners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Bank Statements and Investment Accounts

  • Easy Payment Verification

  • Invoices and Statements

  • Live Actual vs Budget Analysis

  • Financials and Age Analysis

  • On-going and Completed Task History

  • Warning and Fine Management

  • Community Documents

  • General Communications

  • Building Calendar and Meeting Schedule

  • Transfer Tracking


  • Bank Balance and Investment Accounts

  • Invoices and Statements

  • Invoices and Statements

  • On-going and Completed Task History per Unit

  • Warning and Fine Management per Unit

  • Community Documents

  • General Communications per Unit

  • Building Calendar and Meeting Schedule

  • Transfer Tracking per Unit

  • Live Actual vs Budget Analysis

  • Financials and Age Analysis

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Our Systems

financial management

Financial management controlled and stored safely on our online management portal. The schemes financials are prepared by us throughout the year ensuring all of the information is ready for audit at the end of the financial year.


Trustees and Directors receive business reports every month allowing an easy overview of the schemes financials. The business report includes a trial balance , balance sheet, debtors age analysis, Jobs report, utility recoveries and Actual vs budget figures.


Trustees and owners have access to the portal allowing them to view all of the applicable information conveniently and effectively.

portfolio management

At Belmont Property Management each building is managed by a portfolio management team that manages the finances, maintenance and compliance. Each of our Portfolio Managers are experienced and have completed  the UCT Sectional Title Management Schemes Certificate through Paddocks.


The portfolio management use our online management portal to which trustees and owners have access allowing full transparency and management efficiency.

maintenance co-ordination

Our team is dedicated to assist schemes with the necessary maintenance ensuring your investment retains its value. Our recommended suppliers and contractors are all qualified in their professions and serve on all major insurance panels in South Africa.


Owners can conveniently report maintenance through our client zone. Once reported our team and the board of Trustees / Directors will have all of the neccessary information to take action, saving time and money.


All maintenance jobs tracked through our management portal ensuring owners are always aware of the progress.

insurance claims

At Belmont Property Management we have forged close relationships with all of the major insurers in South Africa, these include Hollard, CIB, CIA, Rodel, Santam and more. We work hand in hand with our recommended brokers ensuring insurance claims are dealt with quickly and effectively.


Owners can report / request assistance with claims through our client zone 24/7 ensurung claims are dealt with quickly and effectively.  All Insurance jobs tracked through our management portal ensuring owners are always aware of the progress.

levy clearances

When selling your investment you want it to go as smoothly as possible and when a unit transfers the scheme always wants to ensure that all of the levies are paid up to date.


The transfer process starts with the transferring attorney requesting clearance figure through the client zone, here we will receive all of the supporting documentation ensuring the transfer is not a fraudulent transaction. After the request and documents have been submitted to us our team will review the documentation and start the process on the management portal where each step is recorded from start to finish ensuring a healty audit trail.

meetings & dispute resolution

Portfolio managers assist the trustees / directors with arranging all of the statutory meetings required by the STSMA. Our portfolio team also attend scheme meetings to take minutes and assist with guidance and compliance.



The conduct rules provide a specific guideline as to what is considered to be acceptable within the scheme, from the appearance from the outside, to parking, noise, alterations, pets and even refuse disposal to name a few. More often than not the reason for tension between neighbours is because one or more parties believe that someone was not acting within the rules of the scheme.


At Belmont Property Management we assist the scheme with compiling a holistic and clear set of conduct rules that protect the interests of each owner. Owners can download the conduct rules from the management portal and educate themselves as to what rules they need to follow in the scheme. The warnings and fines management is done through our online management portal and ensures there is a clear transparent record of past conduct rule transgressions. This record is vital should a dispute need to be resolved by internal mediation or mediation at the CSOS. Belmont Property Management also provides mediation services conducted by our attorneys should the scheme require those services.

Financial Mangement
Portfolio Management
Insurance Claims
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